Willie-Cauley Stein demands out of Sacramento

Willie Cauley-Stein says he wants out; Kings fans say “okay bye, bro.”

Usually, agents don’t want to be directly cited when they leak that their client is unhappy with his team. Usually, the reporter cites “sources” and we as readers have to read between the lines. But Willie Cauley-Stein’s agent apparently wanted no one to be confused and just said to the Sacramento Bee’s Jason Anderson “yeah tell em I said that! FUCK EM.”

“I really think Willie needs a fresh start,” Roger Montgomery, Willie’s agent at Roc Nation Sports, told the Bee. “Based on how things have gone for him there in Sacramento, I just think it’s time for Willie to move on and we’d really like him to move on.”

“We’ve kind of hoped that things would change over the years and Willie would get a chance to expand his game, get a chance to get some consistency there in terms of the roster turnover and the coaching turnover and the things that have not been steady there,” Montgomery continued.

He’s not wrong that the Kings haven’t exactly been a stabilizing force for a young player. Willie has had two different coaches, tons of different teammates, and front office incompetence by the truck load. However, he is not a player who is limited by the system he’s in. It’s more the opposite; the majority of his offense comes from transition dunks. Him trying to create his own shot is often an adventure. He shot below 36% on shots between the restricted area and the three point line. The things he does well are easily replaceable

You watch Willie and you see a guy who looks genuinely timid of contact. He will keep his hands down as guards waltz to the rim. He never sets a real screen and it frequently leaves his point guard with a double team. His free throw shooting has regressed. These are all little things that add up to a greater sum that negatively affects the team.

There are good things about Cauley-Stein as a player. He can defend on the perimeter well for a guy his size. When he turns it on, he can put up 20 points and 12 rebounds and play strong defense. “Inconsistency” is the word you hear the most with regards to Cauley-Stein. And for good reason. So now that he has claimed that he just needs to spread his wings away from the restrictions of the Sacramento Kings organization, you wonder if he’s ever going to put it together. He can’t even understand why people are ok with him leaving.

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