Mike Conley traded to the Utah Jazz

Mike Conley trade has ramifications for a lot players and a lot of teams

Longtime Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley finally got traded. For Kyle Korver, Grayson Allen, Jae Crowder, the 23rd pick in tonight’s draft, and a pick later down the line in 2022, after months of speculation and rumors, we can cross one of the best “available” point guards off the board. Conley’s move has major ramifications for the teams and players beyond him and the Jazz, respectively.

But first, the aforementioned Utah team. Conley will be a huge upgrade over Ricky Rubio for the simple fact that he can do *stuff* at both ends of the court. While he’s hailed as at least Rubio’s equal as a defender, he’s a vastly better offensive point guard and not just because he is a career 37% three point shooter who scored over 21 points per game last season. He’s also a sophisticated floor general who threatens defenses whether or not he has the ball. And while it was two seasons ago, he went toe-to-toe with Playoff Kawhi Leonard for 24.7 PPG and 7 assists per game on incredible shooting splits of 49/44/89.

Furthermore, Mike isn’t going to be carrying the entire offensive load. This is where he will show his value the most. Ever since it was revealed that the Jazz became “Donovan Mitchell and his very tall YMCA Friends” in the playoffs the season before last, I had been pining for him to get some serious offensive help. Mitchell was getting slandered as “comic-book nerd Monta Ellis” because of his inefficiency. But he’s still super young. Now, with a proven, veteran point guard, he is about to have his best season. Write it down.

Now, for the other teams and dudes this hits the most. Let’s list them:

  • Indiana
  • D’Angelo Russell
  • Milwaukee
  • Malcolm Brogdon

Indiana would have been a great fit for Conley to pair next to Oladipo, who’s recovering from injury. Malcolm Brogdon could have seen some action from Utah on his offer sheet. But the most important thing is this chain of reactions this will spawn. Now, a team and valuable player are off the market for a point guard. That gives slightly more leverage to Milwaukee and slightly less to Brogdon and Russell, who was on Utah’s list of “dudes who can shoot.”

Zach Lowe argues that this puts Utah in Finals contention. I don’t know if I agree considering injury risk to Conley and the strength of the West. But the conference is wide open now that Golden State is probably out of the picture as real title contenders. Also, Zach is way smarter than me at this. I’m just some shithead with a blog who only writes about the NBA to keep the sadness away. hahahaha

ha ha

*kill me*

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