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VG Music

You should buy this if you like games or orchestral music, or better yet, both. However, if you’re a human being between the ages of 15-30, chances are very goddamn small that you like this kind of music. But it contains orchestral remixes, rearrangements, or re-doings or re-whatever of some classic game scores, new great ones, and some new ones that perplex me, likeĀ  two Call of Duty selections. Which is even more perplexing though, is that it was done by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Amazon’s page for Greatest Video Game Music

And for videogame music along the lines of 8 and 16 bit, go to, run by Brett Elston, who currently works at Capcom as a community manager and was a game journalist, whom I respect immensely.

Stop shaking your head like that.


You’re missing the point.

This’ll be brief.

A lot of people are mad that Modern Warfare 3 is getting very high scores, despite being a rehash of the previous Call of Duty games. I think it should be marked down, too, but at least every reviewer is making it a point to say that it is more of the same. It’s just that they like the Call of Duty formula, and the most you can ask for inĀ  a review is for the reviewer to justify his/her opinion. That’s what Anthony Gallegos of IGN did, what Charlie Barratt of Gamesradar did, and what Jim Sterling of Destructoid did. Whether you agree with them or not, they justified their opinions and were honest about it.

That’s the point of reviews: to explain the game and evaluate it subjectively, while being thorough with their evaluations, not to tell you what you want to hear.

Plus, it’s not like Call of Duty is the only game series to get high scores and not change much from previous installments.

Gears of War

Dead Rising




And of course,

Zelda. (except for Skyward Sword). Zelda reinvents itself every several games.

Modern Borefare hurr hurr..

Modern Warfare 3 comes out today. First off, I haven’t played it, yet, so I’m not in a position to critique the game. What I will tell you, are my feelings on the series.Everything I’ve seen from the new game, trailers, previews, screenshots, make it look to be more of the same. While some of that same is good, it’s just not enough. Call of Duty has just gone downhill.

I don’t hate Call of Duty as a franchise. I like multiplayer shooters and modern day shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty…4. No CoD since 4 has been as engaging to me, nor as innovative. And that’s one of my problems. While there have been some significant changes to the CoD formula since Modern Warfare 1 kicked everybody in the face, they’ve mostly been for the worse.

Customizable killstreaks are a smart idea, but the execution in MW2 fell apart once you got to the “7” area. Get a Harrier Strike, you basically got a nuke, because then could get you to “11,” allowing you access to the chopper gunner. Then that flying-piece-of-Satan (which I ABUSED THE SHIT OUT OF, I’m a dick, I know) got you to the nuke. At first, I had no problem with this, but then I read all of the hatred for the nuke and thought, “why am I ending the game? To prove I’m better? I can just look at the K/D ratio.” If my fun comes at the expense of TOTALLY ruining other people’s, and not just slightly, then it’s the sign of a game with severe balance issues.


Then, there’s the story; where the fuck do I start with this? It’s a complete mess. The bad guy’s motivation makes no sense: an American general wants people to mourn the loss of his soldiers by killing more soldiers in a manufactured war? What?

Makarov, another one of the main villains, is known to be a bastard. Then, he, and you as an undercover CIA agent, go on a killing spree in a Russian airport…without masks on.


Does Russian Technology not include cameras? Oh wait, they do! At the “level select” menu, you see camera footage of the four men SHOOTING PEOPLE WITHOUT MASKS!! Makarov’s face was in a newspaper they showed on a cutscene!


So the new story, here, is a dumb one.


Modern Warfare 2 had a rough launch on the MP side. Rampant glitches, hacking, and camping have turned many people off future games, and angered current fans. I know some of those guys. We had a lot of fun on MW2 for about a month. Then, all of the above started happening, and we got furious. We got madder than we had any right to be; we even defected back to Call of Duty 4, finding it a much more enjoyable experience. While there were still good times to be had later on, they were sparse at best.

Now, they play Modern Warfare 3. They picked it up at the midnight launch and baffle me with their enthusiasm. Not because I have never been enthused for a game, just because I remember how pissed off we all got with the previous MW. Even Black Ops couldn’t sustain our interests for long. But we fell into it. You know why.

The brand. Call of Duty. It’s so big now, it makes CoD 4 look like ‘the little game that could.’


I’m a sad panda: Call of Duty 4 made me a fan of multiplayer, and grabbed me with a story whose coherence, genuinely shocking images, and ponderous themes that later games forgot. Whereas Cod 4 was like a Ridley Scott movie, where the action slowly ramped up to 11, and was spaced out with high tension, the later games have become like Michael Bay movies; big, dumb action games that are too big for their own good.

I’m not saying Call of Duty doesn’t have its place in the world; it’s never bad, just not deserving of the praise. Of course, this is my opinion, and you are free to disagree, just be constructive and smart about it, and seriously think: am I buying a new game, or just a yearly iteration of an old one?